Home Inspection Testimonial Email from R.M.Posted by admin on November 6th, 2014

Probably the most difficult part of my job is the news that clients’ hearts are broken about a house they fell in love with… But I know that this is much more heartbreaking for those clients. I received the following email from a couple that I’d recently done a home inspection for. It makes me so proud of my business but it totally breaks my heart too:

“I wanted to write you a quick note to say thank you for your thorough inspection…. The roof ended up needing to be totally replaced, which the sellers were unwilling to do. Although we are bummed that this did not end up being the right house for us, we are so thankful to you for your thorough inspection and we will definitely use you when we find another great house that will hopefully be ours. Thank you again!” -R.M., Portland, Oregon

…But imagine if they had bought a house with a bad roof that they had to pay to replace themselves.

I wish I could warn home buyers before their house search begins that the home buying process can be emotional and will probably hurt. Sometimes you don’t get the house you fall in love with (and it hurts more and more the further you get into the process of buying- I’ve been through it myself), whether it’s because of something from the inspection, something with funding or any number of scenarios. Whatever it is, it’s usually out of your control and causes heartbreak for everyone involved- including me!

The good news: it’s ok. The house that was meant for you is out there and that one wasn’t it. There is a better, more perfect home waiting for you around the corner. Literally. Sometimes patience is painful. But the wait is worth it. I promise.

Testimonial from Amanda and NatePosted by admin on June 16th, 2013

I got the best testimonial today:

My wife and I have had two different home inspections performed by Home Gnome.  We ended up not purchasing the house from our first inspection due to some things found that weren’t obvious to us.  We were very satisfied with the thoroughness of the inspector’s work and we contracted her to inspect a different property that we ended up purchasing.

The inspection reports are very thorough and easy to read.  Everything is summarized at the beginning of the report for quick reference and described in further detail in the subsections.  Photos are included so you can visualize the issues discovered.  The detailed reports and photos are helpful if you need to describe something to a third party.  Home Gnome’s attention to detail and perfectionism is invaluable. With her background in architecture, Home Gnome has the expertise and eye to see things possibly missed by someone without that experience.

The customer service was fabulous.  If there was something we didn’t understand and needed some clarification, we were able to reach out and get a prompt response.

I would recommend Home Gnome to anyone considering purchasing a house and looking to get a home inspection.  If you would like any further information about my experience please contact me at